They all Laughed at me, until I told them about Insure My Vespa
Vespa Insurance Quotes: How to Get the Best Rates for Your Scooter

So there I was, all proud of myself for finally taking the plunge and buying a scooter. I'd been eyeing them online for months, and finally decided that it was time to get my very own Vespa.

I hopped on my new scooter and started riding around town, feeling the wind in my hair. It was so much fun! I could zip through traffic and get to my destination faster than ever before.

But then... I started to notice something.

More and more people were starting to stare at me as I rode by. And then they'd start laughing.

At first, I thought it was just because they were jealous of my sweet ride. But then one day, someone came up to me and told me the truth: I looked ridiculous on a scooter.

I felt embarrassed and humiliated, but eventually I started talking to those that made fun of me and asked them about how much they were paying for their vespa insurance.

How hard can it be to get scooter insurance, they mocked ? We just all bought from a local provider.

This caused me to roll on the ground in laughter, as the joke was on them.

None of them had used insure my vespa for the very best in scooter and vespa insurance rates.

Lesson learned: They all stopped laughing, the tone grew serious and they asked me, what's that scooter insurance website you used to save so much money?

Insure My Vespa I said.

There are a few factors that insurers look at when calculating premiums, such as the make and model of your scooter, your driving record, and the age of the driver.

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